Photo Shoot with the incredible Meredith Davenport

A friend and fellow yoga practitioner Meredith Davenport (check out her photojournalism and wedding sites to get a sense of just how freakin’ talented she is) came over a few Saturdays ago, and had a fashion shoot with Soapwalla products.

It was great watching her work, too. My crazy little DIY photo box and shaky hands only get me so far. What made such a difference? Indirect bright light (full on sun in the room that day, but she never got anywhere near a shadow), tripod, and plenty of time to design each photo to tell a story.  A few examples are below:

This reminds me of India.

*Love* the yellow background.

The blue in this photo is so vibrant. My photos were always 75% filled with product; I love that the eye is drawn to the product but that it doesn’t overpower the photo…perfect juxtoposition to some of my over-cropped photos.

Thank you, Meredith, for such beautiful photos and an awesome learning experience!

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