1. I am THRILLED to have found your deoderant. I have been on a mission for about 6 months now for a natural, safe and effective product. I’ve tried many different deoderants. I knew I had finally found a natural product that works, when it passed the sniff test after 90 minutes of hot yoga. You have a customer for life. Thank you!!!!

  2. I second the above motion. I to have used many natural products and when my daughter (a user of your products as well), gave it to me I was a bit skeptical, but it passed the sniff test for me as well–and as digusting as this might sound, I can now where a top a second time without having to wash it if I don’t need to!

  3. Absolutely true! My wife and I are big fans. We have tried everything from alum crystal salt to commercial “natural” products and the Soapwalla deodorant is not only the most healthy and by far the best-smelling and easiest to use (no scratching the skin and no staining clothing) but it is also the most effective! Thanks so much for a wonderful product.

  4. Is there a place in NYC where I can find your deodorant ? I live in Montreal and will be on vacations next week end in big apple so …need to do my soap walla shopping list !

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